Beyblade Remodeling May

[ Mirage Fabnir.Nt 2S ] Introducing 4 remodels using the Mirage Fabnil .Nt 2S that will be released on May 30! !  Aim for the strongest braider by combining the latest powerful parts! King Fabnir.Vn.Ev '1D the parts used in: B-167 Booster...

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Beyblade Remodeling Apr

[ Brave Valkyrie.Ev '2A / Random Booster Vol.20 ] Introducing 5 remodels using Brave Valkyrie .Ev '2A and Random Booster Vol.20, which will be released on April 25!!!Let's build a deck with 5 bays in preparation for the 5G battle! Brave Hyperion .Ω.Qc '1D...

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Beyblade Remodeling Mar

[ Super Hyperion.Xc 1A / King Helios.Zn 1B / Glide Ragnark.Wh.R 1S ] Super King layer series started! !Introducing four modifications using Super Hyperion .Xc 1A, King Helios .Zn 1B, Glide Ragnark .Wh.R 1S to be released on March 28!...

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Beyblade Remodeling Feb

This time, the recommended remodeling in 5G battle rule is released to the public!  Five introductions including the modifications used in the final tournament of the next generation WHF'20 Winter!Build 5 bays and build a 5G battle deck by referring...

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Beyblade Remodeling Jan

[ Big Bang Genesis.0.Ym / GT Remodeling Set ]  Introducing remodeling using Big Bang Genesis .0.Ym!Featured new parts "Big Bang Armor" can be attached to Regalia Genesis and Prime Apocalypse! Make the ultimate bay by remodeling with enhanced infinite lock! Big Bang Genesis with...

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Beyblade Remodeling Dec

[ Imperial Dragon.Ig ' / GT Remodeling Set / Master Diaboros.Gn / Random Booster Vol.18 ]  I will introduce 8 types of modifications using Imperial Dragon.Ig ', GT Modification Set, Master Diaboros.Gn, Random Booster Vol.18!Combine the latest parts to create the ultimate bay! Combine the latest...

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Beyblade Remodeling Nov

[ Imperial Dragon.Ig ' / Zweibahamut.Ω.α' Slashing Dragon Ver. ]  This time, I will introduce 8 types of modifications using Imperial Dragon.Ig 'and Zweibahamut.Ω.α' Slashing Dragon Ver. To be released on Saturday, November 16th! Combine the latest powerful parts to find the best mods!...

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Beyblade Remodeling Oct

[ GT remodeling set / Random booster Vol.17 / Random layer Vol.3 ]  This time, we will introduce 8 types of modifications using the GT modification set, Random Booster Vol.17, and Random Layer Vol.3 that will be released on Saturday,...

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Beyblade Remodeling Guide Aug

Remodeling the Beyblade will allow you to move and battle differently than before!Let's remodel it for battles such as tournament tournaments!  This time,we will introduce 8 examples of remodeling along with the bay used in the next generation WHF'19 Summer...

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