[ Imperial Dragon.Ig ' / GT Remodeling Set / Master Diaboros.Gn / Random Booster Vol.18 ] 

I will introduce 8 types of modifications using Imperial Dragon.Ig ', GT Modification Set, Master Diaboros.Gn, Random Booster Vol.18!Combine the latest parts to create the ultimate bay!

Combine the latest powerful parts to find the best mods!

Imperial Achilles. 1'.Ul '

the parts used in:

Crush your opponent with the ultimate attack power!

The imperial base where the hidden abilities are awakened by repeated battles, and the one-dash disc with eccentric gravity center makes the rotation anomalous and further enhances the attack power. Hang in the second half with the Ultimate Boot Dash Driver. And when the Imperial base has finally evolved, you will burst your opponent with overwhelming attack power!

Erise Diaboros.

Left turn attack remodeling through the stadium

By attaching a Diaboros chip with 5 locks to an erase base with 5 upper blades, an attack is made while preventing bursts. Furthermore, attack power increases with the weight that increases the weight in two places! Super-attack type remodeling that keeps attacking the opponent constantly by repeatedly accelerating and reversing with an ignition dash driver whose shaft tip rotates electrically!

Regalia Genesis 10S.R

the parts used in:

Defensive specializedstamina remodeling attack

REGALIA GENESIS LAYER equipped with an infinite lock mechanism, a ten-blade ten-blade inner center-of-gravity ten-disc and a star-framed continuous-cutting blade further improve defense. A stamina remodel that creates endurance with a revolver driver with a pointed shaft tip and a free rotating plate, and persists at the end.

Naked Diaboros Pr.Lw

Stamina modifications to prevent bursts with disk defense

By attaching a weight-integrated Diaboros chip to the naked base that demonstrates the defense performance of the iron wall, it becomes a heavyweight defense type layer. In addition, the paradox disc is turned upside down to protect the layers and reinforce the defense performance. A super endurance fortress that sits in the center of the stadium with low driver stability and stamina.

Cosmo Dragon Hy Hy

the parts used in:

Outer periphery defense with overwhelming stamina !

The Cosmo base divided into two layers, upper and lower, strengthens the centrifugal force with the upper blade, while the lower ultra-low friction blade constantly generates rotational force until the end. The chip is a dragon chip with three hard locks, overcoming the stamina-type hitting weakness. Defense remodeling that keeps the opponent's attacks on the periphery with a hybrid driver that accelerates the bay by rotating the shaft electrically.

Prime Apocalypse.00W.Om

the parts used in:

the parts used in:

the parts used in:

the parts used in:

Super Fire CounterAttack Defense Modification

Apocalypse layer of the infinite lock mechanism is the only weakness of the Apocalypse layer, aiming for a blow with a counter blade with maximum attack power. Equipped with a wall frame on the heaviest double odisc to prevent lower attack. Orbit metal driver with a metal ball, a low-center of gravity and a smooth shaft tip that attacks the opponent and defensive modifications aimed at counter attacks.

Poison Odin.Gn

the parts used in:

the parts used in:

the parts used in:

Balance modification to change mode during battle

The four blades connected by rubber bend independently, and the Odin chip with five hard locks on the poison base that does not convey the opponent's attack to the body strengthens the defense power. A balance driver that generates a driver whose shaft tip changes due to centrifugal force, attacked in the early stages, and hardened the defense in the middle of the stadium.

Master Spriggan 0T.Zt '

the parts used in:

the parts used in:

Overturn the battle situation with all 12 patterns of mode changes!

A sprig gun tip is attached to the master base that can be rotated by turning it over. Attacks the opponent with an upper attack when turning to the right and a smash attack when turning to the left. Equipped with a turn frame that can change the direction of the blade by turning it over to a heavyweight zero disk. And with a zeta dash driver that can be switched to three modes, identify the type of opponent and greet them!

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