[ Big Bang Genesis.0.Ym / GT Remodeling Set ] 

Introducing remodeling using Big Bang Genesis .0.Ym!
Featured new parts "Big Bang Armor" can be attached to Regalia Genesis and Prime Apocalypse! Make the ultimate bay by remodeling with enhanced infinite lock!

Big Bang Genesis with Pr.Vl 'Big Bang Armor

Attack remodeling to unilaterally attack from above

A remodeling in which the continuous hitting blade of the Big Bang Genesis Layer with the infinite lock mechanism and the counter blade of the Big Bang Armor are diverted to attack.Attack remodeling with a paradox disc that prevents attacks by opponents, runs at high speed around the perimeter with a tall volcanic dash driver, and attacks with a one-sided attack utilizing infinite lock from a high hitting point.

Prime Apocalypse.0W.EtBig Bang Armor

the parts used in:

Attack stamina mod with 3 consecutive attacks of ruin

By attaching a big bang armor to a prime apocalypse slayer that crushes the opponent with a huge one blade, it can reliably kill with a powerful three consecutive strikes.The full capacity is improved with a heavyweight zero disc, and the wall frame prevents the opponent's attack and avoids stamina consumption.Then, the stamina remodeling that maintains the endurance by the eternal driver and persists.

Regalia Genesis.00S.YmBig Bang Armor

the parts used in:

Defense modification to disable opponent's attack

By attaching Big Bang Armor to the Regalia Genesis Layer equipped with Infinity Lock, the burst resistance is dramatically improved, and a complete creation shield is completed.While refining the overall performance with a double o-disk, remodeling the defense where the axle passes in the center with a metal ball yard metal driver.

Big Bang Genesis with GnBig Bang Armor

Armored infinity lock of two offense style !

Attaching the Big Bang Armor, which strengthens the infinite lock, to the Big Bang Genesis Layer, which disperses the opponent's attack with sharp continuous hitting blades, aims at the counter while attacking the opponent's attack.By the generate driver, in the first half, the infinite lock was diverted to attack and violently attacked, and in the second half, the balance was modified to demonstrate layer defense performance.

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