[ Super Hyperion.Xc 1A / King Helios.Zn 1B / Glide Ragnark.Wh.R 1S ]

Super King layer series started! !
Introducing four modifications using Super Hyperion .Xc 1A, King Helios .Zn 1B, Glide Ragnark .Wh.R 1S to be released on March 28! !

Let's make the strongest remodeling with super powerful parts of the new series!

Glide Hyperion.Xc 1B

Super rotation! Sparking attack!

The glide ring's stamina wing produces rotational force, and the attack blade of the 1B chassis launches a super-hitting attack against the opponent.In addition, the guard parts at the tip of the axis prevent the runaway with the best shots while running around with the rubber shaft of the Exceed driver. Burst your opponent at super speed!

King Helios. 0E.Br 1S

Super endurance remodeling of overwhelming centrifugal force!

Attacking with the King Ring's five upper blades, aiming to reduce stamina.The powerful centrifugal force generated by the 1S chassis is improved by the heavyweight zero disk and expanded frame. And spin finish with overwhelming endurance of bearing driver.

Big Bang Genesis.Wh.Om (with Big Bang Armor)

Heavy counterattack defense remodeling

Big Bang Genesis layer equipped with special armor and overwhelming burst resistance, and turning force and weight are raised with the heaviest wheel disc.Orbit metal driver sits in the center of the stadium and hits the opponent off the stadium with a heavy counter attack!

Super Ragnark.Zn 1A

All-purpose type that has both high fire attack and endurance

A 1A chassis is attached to a super ring that features two upper blades, enabling a thick two-layered giant blade attack.A zone driver with a sharp shaft tip and free rotating guard parts, tossing the opponent with rapid acceleration and endurance, setting up a balance remodeling battle

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