[ Mirage Fabnir.Nt 2S ]

Introducing 4 remodels using the Mirage Fabnil .Nt 2S that will be released on May 30! ! 

Aim for the strongest braider by combining the latest powerful parts!

King Fabnir.Vn.Ev '1D

the parts used in:

High height double attack remodeling

The five upper blades of the King Ring and the lower blade of the vanguard disc mount a two-stage continuous attack that no opponent will miss.Since the lower blade does not rub against the stadium due to the high elevation dash driver, it keeps on attacking the opponent violently without dampening the rotation!

Mirage Helios .0.R 1S

the parts used in:

Super rotation absorption stamina modification

The Mirage ring, which is covered all over with rubber striking blades, absorbs the turning force of the opponent who rotates to the right, while the 1S chassis and zero disc strengthen the endurance.A revolver driver with a free rotating dish at the tip further enhances the endurance performance and remodels the stamina to continue overwhelmingly.

Brave Satan .Kp '2S

Intense counter defense mods

The braving ring with three rubber upper blades and the powerful centrifugal force created by the 2S chassis create a powerful counterattack that keeps the opponent away.The rubber dash driver keeps it in the center while gripping the stadium and flipping the opponent.

Glide Valkyrie.Zn 2A

Balance modification of 3 blade attack

The turning force created by the movable stamina wing strengthens the attack of the 2A chassis, causing the opponent to explode a powerful rubber attack.The sharp tip of the zone driver eliminates friction with the stadium to the maximum, and the free rotation guard parts accelerate suddenly to attack the opponent with super-fast rotation!

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