A-Z: [B] 1/7 Complete Figure

by Myethos
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release on: 2020-06-01

The character from illustrator neco's "A-Z: [B] will be release as a new scale figure from Myethos on June next year!


Product Features

--Excellent detail is faithfully done to match neco's style on the wrinkles of her outfit, texture of her jacket and her weapons.


--Unlike her anime-like facial features, [B]’s outfit makes her has the lifelike look. A serious and cool expression is featured with her face to make her looks like a soldier.


--This figure is created with skilful hands by sculptor: SunYaMing, allowing you to enjoy [b] 's impressive weapon, delicate yet dauntless pose and listless expression.


--This figure will come with the base of this figure. The base has been amazingly designed to be an uneven terrain with bumps and cracks.


--The size of this figure is approximately H250mm (non-scale) and made ABS&PVC material.


Product Contents

Main body figure


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