Alpha Omega Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Gorgeous Ver. Complete Figure

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release on: 2020-08-30
Pre-painted Complete Figure
Size: Approx. L290mm (including base)
Material: PVC / ABS / Etching
[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-BaseSculptor: Takashi Tobita
Paintwork: Nanami Tetsumori
MegaHouse and Alter's collaborative series "Alpha Omega" welcomes a figure of the Galactic Fairy "Sheryl Nome" from "Macross Frontier".
Sheryl Nome's sexy body is made into an approximately 1/7 scale size figure wearing an outfit based on the song "Gorgeous", which gives it an Arabian nights style enchantment. The facial expression, hairstyle, accessory, etc. is all made with particular care to the sculpting and painting and stays true to her perfect proportions. To top it off the butterfly themed see-through outfit and laying pose produces a suggestive charm.
Enjoy Macross Frontier's unfading popularity even more than a decade after it's release by adding this "Sheryl Nome Gorgeous Ver." figure to your collection.

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