Arms Note Figma 429 Arms Note Exoarm JoshiKosei Action Figure

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"Ah, Mom? I've got to stop by the convenience store to buy bullets, so I'll be a little late!"

The Figma series will release Exoarm JoshiKosei figure on October this year!

She is the character from the “ARMS NOTE” created by Ryosuke Fukai. She is the girl with a bionically enhanced left arm.


Product Features

  • This figure can act out a variety of different scenes due to the smooth yet posable Figma joints.
  • Drawer joints is enabling her shoulders to make broader posing.
  • There are four face plates will be included for this figure such as: a smiling expression, a winking expression, an embarrassed laughing expression and an inquisitive expression.
  • The additional parts will be including an EKS-8M handgun, an EKS-8M with attached conversion unit, two stun knives, a smartphone, and a school bag
  • The articulated Figma stand will be included, it assists this figure to take various poses.
  • The height of this figure is 5.51 Inches (14cm), it is made of ABS, PVC.


Box Contents

  • Exoarm JoshiKosei figure
  • 4 Face plates
  • EKS-8M handgun
  • EKS-8M with attached conversion unit
  • 2 Stun knives
  • Smartphone
  • School bag
  • Stand


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