ArtStorm Pose+ Metal Series 02 Galactic Gale Baxingar - Galactic Gale Baxingar

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Height: approx 280mm.

[What is pose + ...?]
- Pose + is a new brand of Hong Kong's figure maker, AWAKEN STUDIO, pursuing the charm of classic animated robot characters.
- Original transformation structure, joint design of wide range of motion and rich accessories are included, realistic and fancy reproduction of animation shaping, emphasis on mobility.
- A brand that produces products that can satisfy users happily happily with full power.
- Planning a series one after another.

- In Japan, the first landing pose + metal series, Galactic heavy wind Baku Singer is a gigantic completion of five motorcycles on board the galactic blower team giant, modified by syncron theory (Bakshinkron · Maxim, Syncron combining) Three dimensionalization of robot.
- Excellent alloy figure with abundant use of die casting also styling.
- It is possible to reproduce deformed combination by 5 motorcycles without parts replacement.
- By reproducing the proportions desired by the fans, various action gimmicks and accessories allow you to enjoy a variety of posings such as footsteps and standing knees, in addition to armed poses as well as waist, ankles, and knees' range of motion.

- In addition to various arms such as Bakusode, New Bakusudo, Large Missile [Spin Fire Max], various optional parts such as parts for hand parts, deformation-oriented parts and style (modeling) emphasis are attached.
- Bakusode, New Buck Sword comes with various hand parts with different handles and angles for both hands for shoulder hand held use, so you can enjoy a more realistic and stylish pose.
- Beam canon on the back and missile launcher have gimmicks that are also armed with monsoons and cyclones, as well as gimmicks to hold the hands of Baxinger by grip.

- Billy's dark blue big three-wheeled bike [Lepoon] is the fuselage and head.
- Diego's yellow motorcycle [Typhoon] is the right arm.
- The red bike of Stöcken [hurricane] is the left arm.
- Lyra's black sidecar [monsoon] is the right leg.
- Left horse's light blue side car [Cyclone] is the left leg.

[Accessory parts]
- missile
- Bakusodo
- New Buck Sword
- Boomerang
- Various types of hands (open hands, fingers, handles, handles)

[[About galaxy fire bakusinger]]
- Robot animation of planning and production by international film company broadcast from 1982.
- [J9 series] The second piece of trilogy. The motif of the story is the story of Shinsengumi in Japan at the end of Edo period.

- Galaxy Whirlwind Several dozen planets that were born by Jupiter destruction over 600 years after Bryger were forming six 'planetary seas' in the solar system.
- An era of warfare in which the dominance system by the solar system management organization `Bakuff` weakened, the fierce battle with the dissident group will spread.
- Digo (Don), a leader of a runaway tyrant who runs in space with a Cosmo bike, Daigo (Don), along with Aibo's Stekken, Shiro (Billy), adds Laila and Sinma Konosuke to his colleagues, In order to raise the flag, we gather together and organize the `wind blower`.

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