ArtStorm Pose+ Metal Series 03 Sengoku Majin Goshogun

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Height: approx 280mm.

[What is pause + ...?]
-The original deformation structure, joint design of a wide range of motion, and abundant accessories are attached, and it is a new brand from Hong Kong of figures that emphasize the mobility and reproduce the modeling of animation realistically and nicely.

-Following the [Gallery Blast Bak Singer], Pose + Metal series, the third is [Sengoku Genie Gosho Gun].

-Sengoku Genie, No. 1!
-King Arrow, Jack Knight, and Queen Rose are included, and it is possible to combine with Trislee in the play and to combine with Goshogun.
-Comes with abundant weapons. Go flasher lights up. Use of 3 button batteries (LR 726) (sold separately)

[Go Shogun]
-Total height about 28 cm. There is a wide range of motion, and various poses are possible.
-Alloy figure with excellent styling that uses abundant die cast

[Small Robot `Trislee`]
-Total height about 8.5 cm. Separated into 3 machines: King Arrow, Jack Knight, and Queen Rose. Complete deformation is possible.
-All three units can be fully stored in each part of Goshogun

[set content]
・ Goshogun body
・ Go flasher
・ Goose bell
・ Gostic
・ Spaz Bazooka
・ Trislee (King Arrow, Jack Knight, Queen Rose)
・ Various hands (open hand, pointing hand, grip hand, 2 types of holding hands)

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