Bandai CSM Complete Selection Modification Kamen Rider IXA Belt &IXARiser

by Bandai
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Kamen Rider Kiba from Kamen Rider Kiba / Kesuke Nago (Keisuke Kato) is the 28th installment of the Narikiri Toy Series [COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION] for adults.・ A set of transformation belts "Ikusabelto" used by Otoya Kurenai (actor: Kohei Takeda), "Ixana knuckle" that can also be used as a weapon, and "Ixalizer" power-up item used by Nago Ikusa. Introducing "CSM Ixabelt & Equalizer".

Molded with a new mold referring to the prop in the play. The molding, painting and internal mechanism have been completely redesigned.

<Ixana knuckle>

With the switch on the back, you can switch between the modern mode used by Keisuke Nago and the past mode used by Kotoneya.

Depending on the mode switching, the transformation sound, various SE / serif voices, and background music will change.

The transformation sounds include "modern version save mode transformation sound", "modern version save mode ⇒ burst mode continuous transformation sound", "past version save mode transformation sound", and "rising rush direct transformation sound".

In addition, after transforming into "modern save mode", you can activate "burst mode transform sound" at any time.

The ixana knuckle body is equipped with a dialogue button and BGM button.

When you press the dialogue button, Keizo Nago will be played in the modern mode, and in the past mode 160 or more dialogues of Benotoya will be played. The recorded voices were newly recorded by Keisuke Nago, Keisuke Kato, and Kotoneya, Kohei Takeda.

When you press the BGM button, songs such as “Ikusa Henshin” and “Fight for Justice” will be played. Also, different songs are played in different order in the modern mode and the past mode.


Equipped with an electronic gimmick not found in the DX version. Detected by a large number of switches, a sound effect is activated when the belt is attached or when the festles are inserted.

By installing the attached ixa knuckle, the ixa generator emits light according to the transformation sound.

You can reproduce the transformation production in the play.

In addition, it transforms in the state of the past mode, and after a certain period of time, the ixa generator emits a "warning sound". The transformation is forcibly released.


It has evolved from the DX version, and the buttons are all independent, so the molding has been redesigned according to the prop.

The changing sound of Rising Ixa is recorded in the Ixalizer. After the button operation, the transformation is completed by setting the included riser feather.

In addition, by pulling out the riser feather and setting it on the Ixabelt, a deadly sound is activated from the Ixalizer by wireless communication with the Ixabelt.

When you press the buttons of the Ixalizer in a specific order, you can play the dialogue of Keisuke Nago arbitrarily, such as "This hell strange that 魑 美 魍 跎 跋 艋 手 艈. Nago Keisuke is here. Ixa, Bakugen!"

* Wireless communication is supported only when "Wireless is activated". To play properly, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before playing.

set content

Ixa belt ... Complete 1

Ixana Knuckle ... 1

Caliber Essence ... 1

Knuckle essle ... 1

Powered Fruits ... 1

Garuru Fake Hustle ... 1

Basher Fake Fessle ... 1

Dogga Fake Fessle ... 1

Riser Fessle ... 1

Huesslot ... 2

Equalizer ... 1

Instruction manual ... 1

Product size

Ixa belt ... H approx. 102 mm x W approx. 230 mm x D approx. 97 mm

(Girth size: about 74 cm to about 99 cm)

Ixana knuckle ... H about 115 mm x W about 105 mm x D about 68 mm

Caliber Essence ... H 84mm x W 34mm x D 34mm

Knuckle essle ... H approx. 77 mm x W approx. 34 mm x D approx. 32 mm

Powered Hustle ... H approx. 95 mm x W approx. 35 mm x D approx. 39 mm

Garuru Fake Hustle ... H about 97mm x H about 38mm x D about 40mm

Basher Fake Fessle ... H 88mm x H 37mm x D 36mm

Dogga Fake Hustle ... H about 79 mm x H about 38 mm x D about 35 mm

Riser Festle ... H 72mm x W 38mm x D 29mm

Huesslot ... H about 124 mm x H about 73 mm x D about 41 mm

Equalizer ... H 138 mm x W 242 mm x D 36 mm

Product material

Ixa belt body ... ABS, PC, PVC, POM, nylon

Belt belt ... ABS, PC, PVS, POM

Belt stopper ... ABS / Nylon

Ixana Knuckle ... ABS / PC

Each festival ... ABS / PC

Fesslot ... ABS / PC / Nylon

Equalizer ... ABS, PC, synthetic rubber

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