Bandai Kamen Rider Garren CSM Garrenbuckle & Rouseabsorber & Garrenrouzer Henshin Belt Full Set

by Bandai
RM2,278.90 MYR
release on: 2020-06-30

The 27th installment of the complete toy series for adults [COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION] "CSM Garen Buckle & Garen Lauser", featuring a set of "Gallen Buckle" and a weapon "Gallen Rouser", made up of (Sakuya Tachibana / Dr. Hironari Amano) is now available.

Like "CSM Braebuckle & Rouse Absorber & Brauelauser" released in 2019, it contains a lot of lines in the play by Takuya Tachibana. In addition, it also has Orichalcum Element projection and BGM playback functions.

<Gallen buckle>

Inserting a browse card into the belt buckle and attaching the belt band on the left waist to the buckle activates the "belt band sound". When the belt belt is attached to the right waist side of the buckle, "Transformation standby sound" is activated, and "Transformation sound" is activated by pulling the lever.

At this time, the Galen buckle and the attached projector communicate wirelessly, and a huge light gate "Orichalcum Element" is projected as in the play, so you can enjoy a highly realistic transformation play.

Equipped with a dialogue playback function. By pressing the top button of the galen buckle, more than 170 types of Sakuya Tachibana lines will be played. BGM button is arranged on the bottom, and you can play multiple BGM such as "rebirth" "awakening".

<Gallen Lauser>

New modeling of details with reference to the prop in the play. By installing Diamante Edge, the total length is expanded to about 630mm. Pressing the new sound effect button activates a "card throwing sound" or "undead sealing sound". Furthermore, by turning on the dialogue mode, it is possible to activate the attack / special technique voice while sounding Tachibana Sakuya's voice. The sound activated by scanning the attached browse card reproduces the production in the play.

The card attached to "CSM Braebuckle & Rouse Absorber & Brauerower" can also be scanned.

<Gallen Jack Foam Plate>

挿入 It can be transformed into a galen jack form by inserting it into the Rose Absorber that comes with “CSM Bray Buckle & Rose Absorber & Bray Lauser (sold separately)”.

※ CSM Rouse Absorber is not sold separately. If you do not have it, please purchase CSM Garen Buckle & Garen Lauser & Rouse Absorber.

<Rouse Card>

A total of 31 cards, mainly Rouse cards used by Garen. By scanning the barcode printed with Garenlauser, a unique sound is activated and the numerical value is displayed on the segment.

* The browse card included with this product can also be scanned with "CSM Bray Lauser".

* 1 The Rouse card attached to this product is made according to the same standard as the “Rouse card series” released in 2004, but the operation when scanning with the “Sword Sword DX Blairouser” is not guaranteed. . Please note.

* 2 The operation of the Garenlauser included with this product is not guaranteed when scanning the "Rouse Card Series" released in 2004. Please note.

* 3 The Garenlauser included with this product is not compatible with the “Rouse Card Archives” released in 2014.

set content

Galen buckle… 1

Gallen Jack Foam Plate… 1

Garenlauser ... 1

Diamante Edge… 1

Lauser Holster… 1

Orichalcum Element Projector… 1

Loose card… 31 Instruction manual… 1

Product size

Garen buckle ... waist circumference approximately 77cm ~ 97cm

Galen Jack Foam Plate ... about 83mm long x about 60mm wide

Garen Lauser ... Overall length about 375mm x width about 75mm

Diamante edge ... about 310mm

Lauser holster ... Approximately 250mm long x 138mm wide

Orichalcum element projector ... 123 mm long x 63 mm wide

Rouss card: approx. 86 mm long x 59 mm wide

Product material

Garen buckle ... ABS, PC, PVC, POM, polyester

Galen Jack Foam Plate ... ABS

Garenlauser ... ABS, PC, PVC

Diamante edge… ABS, PVC

Lauser holster… PE, ABS

Orichalcum Element Projector ... ABS

Browse Card… PET

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