Bandai Kamen Rider Kiva CSM Complete Selection Modification Kivat Belt Henshin Belt

by Bandai
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release on: 2020-04-30

“Let’s do it! Wataru!”

The vampire Kamen Rider Kiva will join the Kamen Rider Complete Selection Modification in May 2020!


Character background

Kamen Rider Kiva is a title passed down through generations in the Royal Fangire family from parent to child. It may refer to any the following characters: Wataru Kurenai and Icon-kiva Wataru Kurenai. He can change Garuru form, Basshaa form, Dogga and DoGaBaki form.


Product features

--The CSM Kivat Belt comes with a main body belt, Kivat Bat III, replacement eye parts that can recreate Kivat Bat III before transformation, and six types of whistles.


--You can transform to be Kamen Rider Kiva by attaching Kivat Bat III to the belt, and then set up various whistles on Kivat to activate sounds of changing forms and activating of special moves.


--The Kivat Bat III has three distinctive systems.

--The Speech Recognition System is able to speak in response to the user's voice.


--The wireless communication system that can communicate with two people like playing with the optional CSM Tatsurot.

--The "acceleration sensor" can activate a characteristic flight sound by holding Kivat Bat III in your hand and moving it at a specific speed.


--This item is recording six impressive BGM from the show, there are also many sounds such as the sound of the violin "Bloody Rose" used by the protagonist and the sound of belt appearance.

* A sound recognition gimmick can only be established by the right distance, the right volume, and the right pronunciation to the microphone. Be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before playing.

* Wireless communication is supported only in the "wireless state". To play properly, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before playing.


Product content

Kibat Bat III- 1

Belt- 1

Whistles lot- 2

Belt stop- 1

Replacement eye parts (red)- 1

Wake-up whistle- 1

Garuru whistle- 1

Basshaa whistle- 1

Dogga whistle- 1

Doran whistle- 1

Buroon whistle- 1

Instruction manual- 1


Product size

Kibat Bat III- W205mm×H105mm×D75mm

Belt- Waist 74cm~100cm

Whistles lot- W124mm×H73mm×D41mm

Belt stop- W52mm×H52mm×D18mm

Replacement eye parts (red)- W98mm×H42mm×D12mm

Wake-up whistle- W37mm×H84mm×D36mm

Garuru whistle- W38mm×H97mm×D40mm

Basshaa whistle- W37mm×H88mm×D36mm

Dogga whistle- W38mm×H79mm×D35mm

Doran whistle- W37mm×H92mm×D38mm

Buroon whistle- W35mm×H96mm×D37mm


Product material

Kibat Bat III- ABC, PC


Whistles lot- ABS, PVC, NYLON

Belt stop- ABS, NYLON

Replacement eye parts (red)- ABC, PC

All whistles- PC, ABS


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