Bandai Kamen Rider Kuuga Transform Belt CSM Complete Selection Modification Arcle

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■Product Features

The Transformation Belt series created exclusively for adults, 【COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION(CSM)】, launches its 21st wave of products - the "CSM HENSHIN BELT・ARCLE". It is a set which includes Yusuke Godai's belt "ARCLE" and Kaoru Ichijo's mobile phone item, who were main characters in "Kamen Rider Kuuga" broadcasted in Japan from 2000 to 2001. 

Forms can be chosen by pressing the button among four colours. By covering the infrared sensor with your hand, the appearing sound and transformation standby sound of ARCLE will be triggered. By pressing the button on the side of the buckle, the transformation sound will be triggered and the center of belt will shine. Also, inside components will reflect the light and rotate. Furthermore, the set comes with "Rising Arcle Armor" and "Ultimate Arcle Armor & Replacing Component". In total, all 11 forms are available for transformation. 

"D-mode Switch" is installed in the toy. The toy sound of "Sonic Wave DX Transformation Belt Kamen Rider Kuuga"(=the transformation sound of Kuuga in Kamen Rider Decade), which was sold during the broadcast, can be activated. 

The background music, including "戦士", "戦慄", "激闘", "英雄", "転身", "壊乱", "幕間" and "吹雪音", are available in the toy. By enabling Standby Mode, it can be played along with the transformation sound. 

The shape of the belt is a new design. Its size is the same as the "COMPLETE SELECTION Kamen Rider Kuuga Henshin Belt", which was launched in 2007 in Japan. 

Moreover, the set comes with an audio playback device, which was made based on Kaoru Ichijo's mobile phone in the drama. By pressing any button, Kaoru Ichijo's lines can be played back. All lines were recorded newly by Shingo Katsurayama, the actor of Kaoru Ichijo. ※No communication system is available in the device. 

―Examples of lines included―

■Product Overview

[Set Contents] 
Rising Arcle Armor…1
Ultimate Arcle Armor & Replacing Component…1 
Replacing Component…4
Kaoru Ichijo's mobile phone …1

Arcle…AA batteries ×4(Not included)  (2018/10/30 updated)
Kaoru Ichijo's Mobile Phone…LR44×3(Included)
※Batteries for testing only.

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