Bandai Kamen Rider Zero-One 01 DX Assault Grip Henshin Toy

by Bandai
Sold out
RM161.50 MYR

-From [Kamen Rider Zero One], [Assault Grip] appears!

-Optional DX Shining Hopper Progress Key and Assault Grip are linked!

-Set the assault grip on the optional Shining Hopper Progress Key! Press the grip button and scan with the optional Hidden Zero One Driver!

-Expand the progression key and set it on the belt to transform it into Kamen Rider Zero One Shining Assault Hopper!

* This product is the same as the Assault Grip that comes with the DX Assault Wolf Progressive Key sold separately.

* Can only be installed on DX Shining Hopper Progress Key and DX Assault Wolf Progress Key.

- set content

・ Assault grip ... 1

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