Bandai Kamen Rider Zero-One 01 DX Raidriser + Fighting Jackal Progrise Key

by Bandai
RM446.90 MYR
release on: 2020-08-31

It is a transformation belt that transforms humans appearing in "Kamen Rider Zero One" into a form called "Raider".

In Episode 28, "Fighting Jackal Progress Key", which is used when Yua Hada (actor: Hiroe Inumita) transforms into "Fighting Jackal Raider", is included.

Set the attached "Fighting Jackal Programming Key" on the main unit and press the button on the Raid Raiser to activate the makeover sound and perform the Raid Raising on the Fighting Jackal Raider. In addition, pressing the button on the Raid Raiser activates the Special Move sound.

In addition, in conjunction with the DX series of Kamen Rider Zero One such as "Transformation Belt DX Hiden Zero One Driver" (sold separately), unique voices are activated.

Set content

Raid riser set… 1

Fighting jackal progress key ... 1

Instruction manual… 1

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