Bandai Kamen Rider Zero-One 01 DX Shining Hopper Progrise Key Henshin Toy

by Bandai
RM168.50 MYR

-From [Kamen Rider Zero One], [DX Shining Hopper Progress Key] appears!

-Press the Progress key button to scan the Hidden Zero One driver sold separately!
-Transform the progress key and load it into the belt! Kamen Rider Zero One transforms into a Shining Hopper!
-Also, after launching the Progress key, set it to the optional DX Ames Shot Riser or DX Defeated Thunder Force Riser and transform!
-Single play sounds when you press the button! Expand the progression key and transform it into key mode!

- set content
・ Shining Hopper Progress Key ... 1
・ Instruction manual ... 1

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