Bandai Kamen Rider Zi-O DX Den-O Liner Form Watch Henshin Dress-up Toy

by Bandai
RM83.50 MYR

- From [Kamen Rider Zi-O], [DX Den Liner Form Ride Watch] appears!

- Set it to the DX jiku driver (sold separately), turn the belt 360 ° and turn on the armor time for Kamen Rider Dio Ueno Liner Form Armor!

- LED flashing & transformation sounds activated!

- Press the button on the top of the watch and activate the deathblow technique at 360 ° rotation!

- For single item play, turn the cover and press change & button, the sound is activated while the LED emits light!

- set content

· Den-O Liner Form Ride Watch ... 1

· Instruction manual ... 1

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