Bandai Kamen Rider Zi-O DX Ginga Miridewatch Henshin Dress-up Toy

by Bandai
RM174.90 MYR

-From [Masked Rider Zi-O], [DX Gingami Ride Watch] comes up!

-Rotate the dial of Gingami Ride Watch, select the pattern from [Ginga], [Taiyo], and [Waxery] and press the button to activate the voice!

-Set Gingami Ride Watch on the optional DX Beyon Driver!

-Close the lever and finish time!

-Return the lever, it will be in Special Moves standby state, and close the lever again to activate Special Moves!

-For single item play, the sound according to the pattern selected by pressing the button sounds. Shine!

※ In the pattern other than [kamen], only the surrender sound sounds.

- set content

・ Ginga Miride Watch ... 1

・ Instruction manual ... 1

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