Bandai Kamen Rider Zi-O Transform Belt DX Beyon Driver (Henshin Dress-up Toy)

by Bandai
RM399.90 MYR

- From [Masked Rider Georges], [Transformation Belt DX Beyon Driver] which allows you to enjoy transformation / pretending play of Kamen Rider Woz appears!

- Set WS Million Watch on DX Beyon Driver. The relief in the belt lights up, the door is opened when the button of the watch is pushed, the lever is closed and the Future time to the mask rider woss!

- When returning the lever, it will be in a special handicap waiting state, and if you close the lever again, you will activate Special Move!

- In addition, exclusive Special Moves are invoked in optional ride watch!

- set content

· Belt set · · · 1

· Woz Mirror Watch · · · 1

· Instruction manual · · · 1

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