Bandai Metal Build MB Aile Strike Gundam Action Figure

by Bandai
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Height: approx 180mm.
★ Reservations for this item started from 18:00pm of 27th April Japan time GMT+9, and currently already closed for reservation.

- With a multi-material frame and a striker pack of a new mechanism, the METAL BUILD Yale Strike Gundam announces the beginning of a new era

- Strike Gundam reborn with a new interpretation, with the power of the mechanic designer Kunio Ogawara and Mr. Satoshi Shigeta animator.
- Metal frame showing a new look and a striker pack that is free to change.
- Please expect it to accelerate further METAL BUILD.

- W CLEATOR Double Creator -
METAL BUILD first double name creator
Ogawara's new idea of \u200b\u200bstriker pack and styling by Mr. Shigeta's supervision will evolve METAL BUILD to a further height.

- MULTI-MATERIAL-FRAME multimaterial frame
The metal frame which is also a feature of strike adopts two different colors of plating for each part.
Metal pipes are also placed in various places, expressing heavy feeling and a sense of solemn.

- AILE STRIKER PACK Ale Striker Pack
A strike that shows a variegated expression by changing striker pack.
In this product, Mr. Okawara designed Yale striker pack. Breathing new breathing mechanisms such as feathers.
With the new structure proposed by Mr. Okawara, a new strike gundam with a silhouette that has never existed was born.

- set content
· Main body
· Four replacement wrist left and right
· Replacement antenna
· 57mm high energy beam rifle
· Armor Schneider × 2
· Beam shield
· Beam saber blade × 2
· Ale striker pack
· Dedicated pedestal
- Two struts
· Joint parts for display
· Complete pedestal for Yale striker pack

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