Bandai Metal Build MB Crossbone Gundam X1 Finished Action Figure

by Bandai
RM1,116.50 MYR

Height: approx 170mm.

--`METAL BUILD wearing the first fabric cloak`` to see the pirates! The main character of [Mobile Suit Gundam F91] sea book = Kinkadeu's Crossbone Gundam starts out!

- Variety of arms, cloaks, face opening, changing its appearance and facial expression, full of character character [Crossbone · Gundam] participated in METAL BUILD. Commercialize its distinctive silhouette with an arrangement unique to METAL BUILD!
- Original cartoonist / Yuichi Hasegawa Mr. Teacher Takes a bird-shaped reconnaissance weapon and a new story begins.
- METAL BUILD This is an item with a high play value, which has enhanced character character, including flexible movements including a new core / fighter separation gimmick and other engravings arranged in each part.

[METAL BUILD first! Cloth made cloak specification! ]
- Crossbone · Gundam X1 impressive ABC cloak uses METAL BUILD's first cloth material, even precisely reproduces damage even by laser cutting.
- Flexible pose is possible by attaching movable arm to cloth.

[Various arming reproduction]
- [Buster Gun] [Beam Numberber] [Scissor Anchor] [Brand Marker] [Heat · Dagger] Equipped with a variety of armed weapons. The scene revives with abundant range of motion.
- Combining [Buster Gun] and [Beam Numberber] [Zanbuster] can also be reproduced.

[Newly set bird-shaped reconnaissance weapons by Mr. Hasegawa [Billy]]
- Bird-shaped reconnaissance weapon [Billy] drawn and raised for METAL BUILD by Mr. Hasegawa attached.
- Original [Mobile Suit Gundam Crossbone · Gundam] series will also appear.

[Core Fighter]
- Distinctive Core Fighter System also reproduces luxuriously with arrangement unique to METAL BUILD.
- Exhibit with dedicated joint parts is also possible.

- set content
· Main body
· Replacement head
· Replacement wrist Left 4 kinds Right 5 kinds
· Antenna parts for replacement
· ABC Cloak
· Billy
· Core · Fighter
· Buster gun
Beam number bar
· Beam · Numberbar Blade 2 types
· Brand · marker blade × 2
· Beam shield × 2
· Heat · Dagger blade × 2
· Beam · saber blade × 2
· Scissor · anchor chain × 2
· Exclusive pedestal set
· Joint parts for core · fighter

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