Bandai Metal Build MB Crossbone Gundam X2 Finished Action Figure Japan Limited

by Bandai
RM1,460.90 MYR

Along with Crossbone Gundam X1, “Black Pirate” Crossbone Gundam X2 appears in METAL BUILD!

The image has been renewed with the image color of pilot Sabine Shal and regal engraving.

In addition to the basic equipment including the ABC cloak, in addition to the characteristic head, a new shot and lancer,

It is a luxurious specification equipped with a buster launcher that can also be equipped with Crossbone Gundam X1.

Main product contents

・ Body

・ 4 types of left wrist for replacement, 5 types of right wrist for replacement

・ Replacement head

・ABC cloak

・ Core Fighter

・Buster gun

・ Warhead

・Beam Zumbar, 2 types of beam zamber blades

・Brand marker blade x 2

・Beam shield x 2

・Heat dagger blade x 2

・Beam saber blade x 2

· Scissor anchor chain × 2

・ Core / fighter joint parts

・ Shot Lancer

・Long rifle

・ Exclusive pedestal set

Height: approx 175mm

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