Bandai Metal Build MB Destiny Gundam + Wing of Light Full Package Figure JP LTD

by Bandai
RM2,433.50 MYR

A luxurious package that comes with both the Destiny Gundam and the Wings of Light Option Set.

Destiny Gundam is a new version that changed the marking.

The "light wing" which is the characteristic is reproduced luxuriously with a clear material and a three-layer structure of PP sheet.

We use micro eye lens sheet "HALS" for PP sheet.

The novel three-dimensional expression sublimes to the "light wing" that has never been seen before.

In addition, a specially manufactured sleeve that can simultaneously store the main unit and the optional set is included.

On the surface of the sleeve, the illustration drawn by "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY" Chief Mecha Design Director Satoshi Shigeta is printed!

Destiny Gundam: Height approx 180mm / wing of light: width about 500mm

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