Bandai Metal Build MB Gundam 00P - High Maneuver Test Pack For Gundam Astraea

by Bandai
Sold out
RM1,681.90 MYR
release on: 2020-04-30

***Metal Build Gundam Astraea DOES NOT include in this item, weapon pack only ***

High mobility test equipment option set exclusively for Gundam Astraea + Proto GN High Mega Launcher.

By recombination of each equipment, the popular Gundam Astraea can be expanded into various forms.

An option set that further promotes play value.

Main product contents:

・Set of GN vernier with built-in claw equipment for outer space

・GN vernier set with built-in GN capacitor

・ Leg added GN vernier test equipment set

・ Proto GN shield for expansion × 8

・ Proto GN Twin Broad Blade × 2

・GN beam saber blade x 2

・ Set of shield joints

・ Proto GN High Mega Launcher Joint

・ Set of joints for pedestal

・ Set of props

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