Bandai Metal Build MB Gundam Astraea + Proto GN High Mega Launcher Japan Limited

by Bandai
RM1,309.90 MYR

The pearly suit in the image of TYPE-F 15 years ago is now released.

Astraea is getting its model debut with its giant GN Shield connected via energy cable to the 'Proto GN High Mega Launcher', newly designed for METAL BUILD, just like TYPE-F.

The Astraea series is now on show with block toy-like features with its compatibility with TYPE-F weaponry !

Height: approx 180mm

 ・Main body

 ・Exchangeable hand left/right x 4 types

 ・Exchangeable Rear Skirt

 ・Exchangeable weapon latch for the waist x 2

 ・Proto GN Sword (for right arm)

 ・Proto GN High Mega Launcher 

 ・Grip for Proto GN High Mega Launcher 

 ・GN Beam Rifle

 ・Grip x 2 for GN Beam Saber, Beam Dagger

 ・GN Beam Saber Blade x 2

 ・GN Beam Dagger Blade x 2

 ・GN Launcher 

 ・GN Shield (Large)

 ・GN Shield

 ・Joint Parts for GN Shield

 ・Energy cable

 ・Connection arm set

 ・Dedicated pedestal set

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