Bandai Metal Build MB Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Hana Version Hana

by Bandai
RM1,601.90 MYR
release on: 2020-10-30

A white heaven (Amatsu) driven by the princess of the sky, the successor of the guardian Rondo Mina Sahak,

"Gundam Astray Gold Frame Heaven (Amatsu) Hana"

With various new settings drawn by designer Junichi Akutsu

Introduced in METAL BUILD as "Gundam Astray Gold Frame Heaven Hana Version Hana".

Starting with the treasure sword "Amenomrakumono Tsurugi" carried on the waist,

Hanakanmuri head / Camdnoturugi on shoulder, Magano Ikutachi on back,

And with the coloring changed to pure white, the conventional image is renewed.

Electroplating is used for die casting of the body frame,

The gorgeous and luxurious appearance is expressed with overwhelming texture.

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Overall height: about 180 mm

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