Bandai Metal Robot Spirits Gundam Vidar

by Bandai
RM1,099.50 MYR
release on: 2020-11-30

Gundam Vidar, a Gundam frame bearing the name of the masked man, is released in Metal Robot Spirits.

Its figure as seen in the series is reproduced in a solid-looking touch by recreating the frame and the hunter edges on its feet with metal.

The exterior is applied with matte painting and markings, which makes its realistic appearance truly stand out.

A well thought-out articulation and the three types of eye-illuminating effects recreate the vibrant action scenes from the series.

“Do with it as you please. I give to you my body !”

Product Description

 ・Main body

 ・Exchangeable hand left/right x 4 types

 ・110㎜ Vidar's Rifle

 ・Burst Saber handle

 ・Burst Saber blade (long)

 ・Burst Saber blade (short) x6

 ・Vidar's Handgun x2

 ・Stage set

 ・Stage joint parts x2 types

 ・Eye-illuminating effects A, B, C

Height: approx 150mm

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