Bandai Metal Structure Kaitaishouki RX-93 Nu Gundam 37CM Finished Action Figure

by Bandai
RM12,938.50 MYR

Height: approx 370mm.

――Building in the name of dismantling ― Build ―

Dismantle this to sublimate the individual present there into a more dense presence. Overcoming each of the approximately 2000 pieces, the assembly sublimes to a higher-dimensional presence as it shines in a new glow. [Disassembly] and [Construction], the two contradictory, are the seeds for creating the one and only 'creation' ever made.

[Demolition craftsman]-that's exactly what we wanted and reached.

-The leading role mecha [ν Gundam] that appeared in the theatrical animation [Mobile Suit Gundam Counterattack Shaa], released in 1988, is three-dimensional in pursuit of the realism and gimmick of the mechanical expression that imagines more than `real` depicted in animation. .
-An unprecedented finish such as appearance, internal structure, and texture enhances the satisfaction of the owner.

-In pursuit of the texture that imitates a real mechanism by coloring and marking over the whole body.
-A composite material composed of about 2,000 parts reproduces the texture reminiscent of a real mechanism.
-Built-in armor deployment gimmick in each part. It can be opened and closed in stages.
-A luminous gimmick built into the main unit and pedestal further produces a mechanical feeling and a huge feeling.

- set content
・ ガ ン ダ ム Gundam body
・ Beam ・ rifle
・ New hyper bazooka
・ Beam saber (large)
・ Beam saber (small)
・ Beam saber effect (one set)
・ A set of pedestals
・ Light unit set
・ Catwalk set
・ A set of mechanic figures
・ Amro figure set

・ ガ ン ダ ム Gundam main body: LR41 × 3 (test battery included)
-For pedestal: AAA 4 × 4 (sold separately)

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