Bandai MG 1/100 Gundam W - Deathscythe EW (Roussette Unit) Plastic Model Kit

by Bandai
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release on: 2020-05-30

The wings of the grim reaper flying in the darkness

GUNDAM Deathscythe EW (Roussettr Unit)

Original weapons appearing in "Mobile Suit Gundam W Endless Waltz: The Glory of the Losers"

Gundam Deathsize EW with "Ruset" is commercialized in Master Grade Series.

● Thoroughly reproduce the original armed [Roussette ] that appears in [Glory of the Losers] with new modeling!

By the slide gimmick and the movable axis of each place, it is possible to reproduce the form at the time of normal, deployment, storage.


 Wing equipment set on both sides of the backpack. Can reproduce the deployment gimmick during flight. Reproduction of each part is reproduced by molding color.

-Comes with various armed features

- Includes distinctive weapons such as beam size and buster shield. Dynamic action can be reproduced by pull-out type shoulder joint and movable wrist.

-Comes with a water transfer type decal designed by Mr. Hajime Katoki!

Attached armed: beam size / buster shield / ru set

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