Bandai Robot Spirits - SIDE MS RGM-79C GM Type C Ver. A.N.I.M.E. Action Figure

by Bandai
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Height: approx 125mm.

-Jim Kai, who has made impressive achievements in various scenes such as the Battle of Torrington Base and the GP02 Recap Campaign, has appeared in ver.ANIME with Hyper Bazooka and various effects!

-RGM-79 A legitimate successor that was renovated and completed at the end of the one-year war.
-There are many deployed at the Torrington base. In addition to engaging with the Zeon MS that had been attacked, he played an active role in various situations, such as destroying Zamel upon recapturing GP02.

Arms can be recreated smoothly with retractable joints on the chest and pull-out joints on the shoulders.
The legs can be posed flexibly with a hip joint swing mechanism, a retractable joint on the back of the knee, and a pull-out joint on the heel.

[ROBOT soul <SIDE MS> Prototype Gundam ver.ANIME] (sold separately) Hyper bazooka launch effect and other effect parts included with the series products can be used.

Equipped with hyper bazooka, bullpup machine gun, beam saber and shield.
Reproduces the versatility that seems to be mass-produced for operation in large numbers.
The shield can be attached to the side or back of the arm according to the pose using multiple joints.
The beam saber effect is a sharp shape common to the 0083 series and comes with two types of straight blade and curved.
Vernier effects are also included, allowing you to reproduce dynamic action.
The bullpup machine gun can be mounted on the back by attaching a joint.
Other hyper bazookas and shields can be mounted on the back.

- set content
・ Body
・ Hyper bazooka
・ Bullpup machine gun
・ Saber effect
・ Saber effect (song)
Vernier effect (song axis) x 2
・ Various joint set
・ 4 types of wrist left and right for replacement
・ Wrist storage deck

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