Bandai S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Broly Full Power + Gogeta God Dragon Ball SHF

by Bandai
RM885.90 MYR

Item 1: The popular and powerful opponent character Broly who first appeared in "Dragon Ball Z: the Burning Battles" and later in "Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming" and "Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly" is here as a figure!

Item 2: The ultimate Saiyan Gogeta, Goku and Vegeta's fusion form that first appeared in the "Dragon Ball Z" anime series, is back in "Dragon Ball Super Broly"!

This time the character design and outfit have changed greatly to bring fans far and wide a new reborn Broly.

In addition the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form that Goku and Vegeta each obtained is planned to appear while they are fused to become Gogeta for the first time.
This figure of the nostalgic Gogeta mixed with the newly designed outfit is sure to please fans!

-It is prepared for battle and action poses with the included shouting face part and alternate hands. In addition the muscles shown off with this new outfit are made to look real!
-The aura of the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is recreated with pearl paint for the hair.
-Create a confident look fitting a strong fighter with the included grinning face part.
-It also includes an alternate head to create Gogeta with black hair as is also seen in "Dragon ball Super Broly".

-With the alternate hand parts you can recreate not only actions fitting Broly at full power but also the attack he sends off.

-The glow of his Super Saiyan (Full Power) form is recreated with pearl green paint for the hair.

-The fur, which is this figure's outfit's special feature, is sculpted with great care to the detail. Being made of flexible PVC and in parts means it can match the actions such as when attacking with a knee strike.

-The wide muscular back is also made with great care to the detail. Particular attention was given to sculpting the shoulders so the muscles and articulation can work well together and maintain the beautiful form. Furthermore, roll articulation is used so the impressive action poses can be made.


Size: Approx. H220mm
Material: ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-Alternative hand part x2 types for each left & right
-Alternative expression part x2 types


[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-Alternative hand part x3 types for each left & right
-Alternative head (black hair)
-Alternative expression part (black hair)
-Alternative expression part (blue hair) x2 types

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