Bandai S.H.FiguartsKamen Rider Build Tank Tank Form SHF Action Figure

by Bandai
RM840.50 MYR

"Tank and Tank! Build up! Are you ready? Overflow! Kōtetsu no Blue Warrior! TankTank! Yabei! Tuei!"

Kamen Rider Build TankTank Form is going to have his own S.H.Figuarts figure on March 2020!

Character background

TankTank Form is one of Build's upgraded super forms, based on the Tank Halfbody. It is accessed by upgrading RabbitTank Hazard Form with the FullFull RabbitTank Bottle, set to its Tank mode, hence known as the Blue Warrior of Steel. In this form, Build's armor becomes significantly denser and is covered in tank treads and turrets to boost his attacks and defenses.


Product features

--This Kamen Rider Build figure is able to pose the battle scenes from the show due to his excellent articulation. He can do the pose of punching, assaulting, shooting and so forth.


--He is mainly painted with blue colour and decorated with some gold colour on his chest and helmet, recreating his image in the shows.


--This figure is included with his iconic weapon: Fullbottle Buster and you can use the additional hands to hold it.


--He can transform to be Tank mode aka the Blue Warrior of Steel by using the included tank parts.


--The height of this figure is approximately 145 mm, made of ABS and PVC material. He is suitable for 15 years old and above.


Product content

Kamen Rider Build (TankTank Form) figure

8 Interchangeable hands

FullFull RabbitTank Bottle

FullFull RabbitTank Bottle (long)

Fullbottle Buster

Tank parts

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