Bandai So-Do Kamen Rider Zero-One AI 01 Complete Set Action Figure

by Bandai
RM213.90 MYR

-Kamen Rider Zero One finally appears from the action figure series of [Shokugan]!

-By setting [Armor] of each form to the [Body] of the base body, 20 movable figures of the whole body are completed!
-Furthermore, from the current series, we reviewed the distribution of paint and seals, expanded the range of motion at multiple locations, and improved the pedestals and props, making further progress as the [Instrument] series!
-In addition, since [1.Zero One Body] is recorded in 3 boxes, [Armor] is a true `Complete Set` that can arrange all figures without leaving an extra!

-Set of 8 finished plastic products (1 type)
1. Zero One Body
2. Zero One Rising Hopper Armor
3. Zero One Flying Falcon Armor
Four. Zero One Biting Shark Armor
Five. Vulcan body
6. Vulcan Shooting Wolf Armor
* This product has [1. Zero One Body] is in 3 boxes.

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