Bandai So-Do Kamen Rider Zero-One AI 02 Feat. Kamen Rider Build Complete Set

by Bandai
RM233.90 MYR

-Shokugan movable figure series [Sho Kamen Rider Zero One] The second is Zero One, Vulcan's derivative form, Valkyrie finally lineup!

-In addition, from [So Kamen Rider Build], Grease Perfect Kingdom is also an overwhelming large volume bullet lineup!
-Also, 2 boxes of [1.Zero One Body] have been recorded, so [Armor] is a true `` Complete Set '' that allows all figures to stand side by side!

-Complete set of 10 plastic products (1 type)
1. Zero One Body
2. Zero One Flaming Tiger Armor
3. Zero One Freezing Bear Armor
Four. Vulcan body
Five. Vulcan Punching Kong Armor
6. Valkyrie body
7. Valkyrie Lashing Cheetah Armor
8. Grease Perfect Kingdom Body
9. Grease Perfect Kingdom Armor
※ This product contains 2 boxes of [1. Zero One Body]

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