Bandai So-Do Kamen Rider Zero-One AI 03 Complete Set Figure

by Bandai
Sold out
RM216.90 MYR

-Moveable toy figure featuring the movement of 20 places in the whole body and a superb abundant lineup [Sho Kamen Rider Zero One] series, the third is the fastest lineup of a new figure of Zero One, Shining Hopper!

-Furthermore, it will be full and destroyed, Xun also has a lineup, and it is possible to arrange 5 major riders!
-Since each of the 8 types is recorded, it is a complete set that can arrange 4 riders in one box!

-Set of 8 finished plastic products (1 type)
1. Zero One Shining Hopper Body
2. Zero One Shining Hopper Armor
3. Valkyrie body
Four. Valkyrie Lightning Hornet Armor
Five. Sting Scorpion Body
6. Sting Scorpion Armor
7. Xun Flying Falcon Body
8. Xun Flying Falcon Armor

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