[Bonus] Megami Device x Alice Gear Aegis Kaede Agatsuma [Kaiden] Plastic Model

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The Kotobukiya’s original Megami Device series will release Kaede Agatsuma in her Kaiden on April next year!


Character background

She comes from the popular mobile game: Alice Gear Aegis. This game is set in a future Tokyo. Players take the role of a commander that leads an army called Tokyo Shard. Together with the Alice Gear girls, his job is to save the people who wander in the vast universe. Their first target is Narukozaka Manufacturing.



Product Features

--The excellent articulation is enables her to make a lot of different poses from the game like slashing, shooting and so on.


--There are 3 types of pre-painted renewed facial expression part to be included with her.



--The design of her body is based on the new Mechanica plain body. Masaki Apsy arranges it to achieve a better sense of balance of the body shape.



--The "Senbonsakura [Shi no Kiri]" is featured a new design with various gears added and its paint matches the another color version.


--The "Armed Mode" of equipping the designated equipment, and the "Plain Body Mode" of taking off the gear can be recreated by exchanging parts


--The thruster effect parts and the muzzle flash effect part (clear part) will come with figure to make the flight and gun firing poses.


--The 3mm attachment holes are compatible with the separately sold weapon parts of M.S.G. series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl series, and H.E.X.A. Gear series.


--Eyes and marking decals are included with this model kit.



Product Contents

Pieces to build :


-Kaede Agatsuma

-3 Face parts

-Muzzle flash effects

-Thruster effects




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