Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model Extinction Dragon Nergigante Complete Figure

by Capcom
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On April next year, Capcom Figure Builder welcomes the main monster from Monster Hunter: Extinction Dragon NergiganteWorld


Character details

Nergigante is an Elder Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. This terrible elder dragon appears when other elders are in the vicinity. Its penchant for destruction is well documented. Nergigante can be found in the Great Ravine, Everstream, Elder's Recess and Wildspire Waste. Their materials can be used to craft the Negigante Armor Set. The Nergigante is considered the flagship monster of Monster Hunter: World.


Product Features

This figure comes from the "Creator's Model" line that emphasized high-end size and quality.


Nergigante is sculpted by Takayuki Higashi and made into an exclusive voluminous figure.


The painting on Nergigante is as accurate as to the Monster Hunter World video game.


The details of Nergigante body parts such as horn, plate and wing has been recreated, further increasing the collection value of it.


This figure marks a new size milestone being the largest in the Creator's Model line to date


The size is approximately. H320 x W300 x D280mm (Including Base) and made of PVC, ABS material.


Product Contents

Main body figure


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