Death end re; Quest Shiina Ninomiya 1/7 Complete Figure

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release on: 2020-06-01

Heroine Shiina Ninomiya from Compile Heart's game "Death end re; Quest" will be released as 1/7 scale figure on June next year !



Product Features

--The texture of each part, the transparent look of the hair are absolutely done well.


--The fleeting yet beautiful expression on the face are featured with her.


--The creation of Shiina Ninomiya is supervised by the character designer Nanamedakei


--The Sculptor of this figure is Chizuru and Coloring is completed by Maimocchi, they are from Tsuru-no-yakata


--Height of this figure 250mm (including base) and made of ABS & PVC material.



Product contents

Main body figure



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