Frame Arms Girl Frame Music Girl Sakura Miku Plastic Model

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On April 2020, A cute cherry blossom themed Hatsune Miku and Frame Music Girl Sakura Miku will come on the Kotobukiya’s Frame Music Girl line!


Product Features

--This item will come with Frame Arms Girl and Hatsune Miku.


--Their image is based on designs by Fumikane Shimada and Takayuki Yanase


--This model kit is easy to assembly with no paints or decals required, this is because face parts are all pre-printed.


--Special translucent bases will be included for the speaker drones


--The hand parts from existing Frame Arms Girl models are compatible with her wrist joints.


--Her legs has a wider range of movement due to the moveable skirt.


-Her body parts such as back, waist, and calves are equipped with 3mm joints at several points.


--They are 5.91 inches (15cm) and made of plastic that used by most of the model kits.


Product Contents

Pieces to build

--Sakura Miku

--3 Face plates


--Mic stand

--2 Speaker drones




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