GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE MS-06C Zaku II Type C "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin"

by Bandai
RM1,019.90 MYR
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MS-06C Zaku II Type C from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin will be released as Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite figure on April next year!


Character background

The Zaku II units deployed during the first battles of the One Year War, such as the Clash of Loum, were mainly early production models known as the Type C. The Type C units were developed to be utilized in space and were later customized to the Type C-5 and C-6. Both types had cockpit hatches shaped and placed in different configurations from the Type C and Type F (which appeared after Type C-6) and were equipped with laser guns on the left side of their chests.


Product features

--This Zaku II figure is designed with outstanding articulation, enabling it to make a wide range of poses such as shooting, slashing and so on.


--There are additional hands for this figure, improving its poseability and using for different scenes from the anime.


--Additional weapons it uses in the anime are also included such as Machine gun, Bazooka and Heat Hawk.


--The Machine gun and Bazooka got their magazines. Bazooka and Heat Hawk has two types, you can use them according to your preference.


--Diecast material is used on this figure, making it metallic and further increasing its collection value.


--It is approximately H180 mm and made of ABS, PVC and Diecast material.


Product contents

-Main figure

-Alternative hand part (left, right) x4 each

-Zaku Machine gun

-Zaku Machine gun magazine x2

-MS Bazooka Type A

-MS Bazooka Type B

-Bazooka Type A Spare Magazine x2

-Bazooka Type B Spare Magazine x2

-Bazooka Type A Alternative parts

-Bazooka Type B Alternative parts

-Bazooka Launcher Left/Right

-Heat Hawk (long)

-Heat Hawk (short)

-Alternative antenna part


-Designated decal stickers


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