LEGO 75166 Star Wars First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack

RM227.90 MYR
SKU LEGO_75166
Features space for two minifigures, front and rear stud shooters, and detachable stud blasters, batons and new-for-june-2017 Stormtrooper shield elements
LEGO Star Wars toy vehicle includes four minifigures: two first order Stormtroopers, a first order Flametrooper and a first order officer.
Weapons include two batons, three stud blasters and a Flamethrower
Engage the enemy and fire the stud shooters, detach the batons and shields and get the troopers ready for battle
Measures over 1 inch (3cm) high, 4 inches (12cm) long and 2 inches (6cm) wide

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