LEGO 79116 Ninja Turtles Big Rig Snow Getaway

RM589.50 MYR
SKU LEGO_79116
Includes 6 minifigures with weapons and an accessory: April O'Neil, Raphael, Leonardo, Karai and 2 Foot Soldiers. Also includes mobile phone for April
Big Rig truck features a driver's cabin with removable roof, mobile lab with experimental machine, computer, cupboard containing 3 bottles for fluids
Truck also features syringe and binoculars, weapon rack on side doors, opening side doors and roof, 5 ooze barrels and rear barrel-tipping function
SUV features removable roof,flick missiles, unfolding function; Weapons include 2 black swords,2 silver swords,2 sai, machine gun, gun with night glass
Big Rig truck measures over 3" high, 12" long and 2" wide; SUV measures over 2" high, 5" long and 2" wide

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