MegaHouse Variable Action Future GPX Cyber Formula Super Asurada AKF-11 K-40 Ltd

RM753.90 MYR

Variable action

Super Asurada AKF-11

/ K-40 limited ver.

Specification: Limited color ver.

* Limited quantity bonus / 1/24 scale Shoji Kawamori silhouette with acrylic stand

- The Variable Action [Future GPX Cyber Formula] Series, is a super Asurada AKF-11 ride of hero Hayato Kazami appeared from OVA work [New Century Cyber \u200b\u200bFormula 11].
- The mode of the two types of Aero mode can reproduce from technical circuit mode to replace the parts.
- Is equipped with a deployment movable boost pod and effects fans to gimmick.
- Variable in a beautiful painting representation of the action series unique has become to finish with a sense of luxury.
- In addition, heavy also directing the chassis by using the die-cast. We have been to maximize the appeal of the car model.

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