My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Completion Yukino Yukinoshita -White Kimono- 1/7 Complete Figure

by FuRyu
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RM1,144.50 MYR
release on: 2020-09-30

Pre-painted Complete Figure

Scale: 1/7

Size: Approx. H240mm

Material: PVC, ABSSculptor: Design COCO

Paintwork: Hinokiya

Photography cooperation: Yohei Kodama

Yukino Yukinoshita from "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Completion" is now a 1/7 scale figure dressed a gorgeous white wedding kimino.

The beauty of the figure's glossy black hair blowing in the breeze and blushed cheeks combined with a smile on the face will take your breath away!

The white kimono's delicate embroidery is made with sculpting, the color with white pearl paint, and the inner layer is light blue to match Yukino's image. It is topped off with a white lily themed hair accessory.

The beauty is a type to make a person feel relax and happy so don't miss adding this figure to your collection!

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