Nendoroid Motto! Ojamajo Doremi Momoko Asuka

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"Perutan Petton! Refreshing~!"


Momoko Asuka from the Magical DoReMi 3 anime series will become a Nendoroid figure on June next year!


Character background

Momoko Asuka is the fifth and last Ojamajo to appear in the series, making her first appearance in episode 1 of season 3, Ojamajo Doremi Motto! Momoko was born in Japan but moved to American at a young age because of her parent’s work. When she is introduced in the series, her family has once again moved to Japan and she forgot most of her Japanese.


Product features

-- Her shoulder joints are featured with articulation to make the poses for specific scenes.


--She can change to three different facial expressions like a standard smiling expression, an energetic winking expression and a comical happy expression!


--She will come with the additional parts that she used in the anime such as her Sweet Poron needed for casting spells, the broom she uses to fly as well as the witch frog Majomonroe.


--You can display this figure with other Nendoroids from Magical DoReMi 3.


--The sculptor of this figure is Youhei Katagiri, Max Factory and cooperation from Nendoron.


--She is made of ABS & PVC material and height is 100 mm


Product contents

Main body figure

Additional hands

Additional face plates

Sweet Poron

The broom

Witch frog Majomonroe.



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