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release on: 2020-06-01

On July next year, Nemesis Prime also known as Black Convoy will become a Masterpiece figure to battle against Optimus Prime!


Product Features

--The previous MP Optimus 3.0 will have the red and blue colour painting, and this Black Convoy will be mainly painted with black colour to make him a vicious and sinister enemy.


--His chest can be opened and stored the Matrix into it like the MP Optimus 3.0. The colour of the chest is red colour and the 3.0 version will be blue colour.


--He has the same outstanding articulation to assist him makes a wide range of poses such as assaulting, shooting, slashing, kneeling and hitting the ground and so on.


--Black Convoy will come with additional hands and parts. The parts are including the Laser Rifle, Energy Axe, Matrix and beam effect.


--Character card and instruction paper are included with this figure, so you will know how to play this figure properly and also build up a clear understanding about the character.


--This figure is a pre-painted posable figure and made of ABS, he is 9.2” tall.


Product Contents

-Main Figure x1

-Round head x1

-Beam effect x1

-Energy Axe x1

-Matrix x1

-Laser Rifle x1

-Character card x1

-Instruction paper x1

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