Nendoroid The King's Avatar Yu Wenzhou

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"The outcome of a match isn't something that can be chosen by someone."


The leader of Blue Rain, Yu Wenzhou from China's popular series "The King's Avatar" will become a Nendoroid figure on May next year!


Character background

Yu Wenzhou is an eSports player, who made his debut during Season 4 of Glory, the captain of Blue Rain and the user of Swoksaar. He is one of the Four Master Tacticians and is part of the Golden Generation. He will be the captain of China's representative team in the First World Glory Championships.


Product features

--He is able to do a lot of poses from the scene such as holding the book & microphone, and walking. The sculptor of this figure is Shichibee and cooperation from Nendoron. He is made of ABS & PVC material and height is 100 mm


--There are three different facial expressions he can change. His standard expression, his serious expression from when rejecting questions from reporters and a pleased expression, often seen when he takes his nightly footbath before bed.


--Except the additional face plates, he will also come with additional parts like his book, a microphone and a washtub for his footbaths. You can display him with his teammate Nendoroid Huang Shaotian to recreate the scenes from the series.


Product contents

Main body figure

Additional hands

Additional face plates

His book

A microphone

A washtub for his footbaths



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