NXEDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] Genryuumaru "Mashin Hero Wataru"

by Bandai
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release on: 2020-06-01

Genryuumaru from "Mashin Hero Wataru: Ryujinmaru of the Seven Souls " will join the NX Edge Style [Mashun Unit] on June next year!


Character background

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, classic adventure mecha series Mashin Hero Wataru will have new anime: Ryujinmaru of the Seven Souls which is scheduled to air on spring, 2020. The new series starts with Wataru’s world getting into confusion after he answers a call to return to the realm of Soukaizan. He witnesses an upside-down image of the realm plunging downward, and his faithful robot has its power sealed away and splinters into seven pieces.


Product features

--Excellent articulation is used on it therefore it is able to do different poses like assaulting and slashing.


--Green colour is its main colour and some of its body parts and sword are painted with gold colour, the shoulder armor is red colour.


--It is included with additional hands and the sword to recreate slashing pose. It can store its sword on its back.


--There are small knifes inside its legs, you can pull them out to become attack mode.

The armors on its shoulder is written the dragon word, it can be transformed to become a shield or shuriken as you like.


---Special STAGE set will come with this figure, further increasing its poseability.


--It is approximately H100 mm and made of ABS, PVC material.


Product contents

-Main figure


-Alternative hand part (left, right)

-Special STAGE set

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