NXEDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] Ryuugekimaru "Mashin Hero Wataru"

by Bandai
RM174.50 MYR
SKU 4573102590862
release on: 2020-08-01

Genryuumaru from "Mashin Hero Wataru: Ryujinmaru of the Seven Souls " will join the NX Edge Style [Mashun Unit] on Agust next year!


Character background

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, classic adventure mecha series Mashin Hero Wataru will have new anime: Ryujinmaru of the Seven Souls which is scheduled to air on spring, 2020. The new series starts with Wataru’s world getting into confusion after he answers a call to return to the realm of Soukaizan. He witnesses an upside-down image of the realm plunging downward, and his faithful robot has its power sealed away and splinters into seven pieces.


Product features

--It is able to do a wide range of poses like flying kicking and slashing due to its superior articulation.


--Its main colour is yellow colour and some of its body parts and sword are painted with gold colour,


--The guns on its shoulders are removeable and they can be transformed into swords and hold by Genryuumaru.


---Special STAGE set will come with this figure, further increasing its poseability.


--It is approximately H100 mm and made of ABS, PVC material.


Product contents

-Main figure

-Sword Left/Right

-Alternative hand part (left, right)

-Special STAGE set

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